“After more than two years of cooperation, I experienced Symbios Egypt as a local consultant, with an in-depth knowledge of the local culture needed to make a change project successful, while having a global level of services, up-to-date conceptual knowledge and professionalism”

Eng. Hussein Ibrahim Schneider Electric | Power EMEAS | Egypt | Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Purchasing Director

“Symbios were very open about their approach. They should say to our people- we are not experts in your business, but we can see things that we will challenge you on. When we challenge the assumptions with data and facts, you will see what we see. Then together we can fix this.”


“The strategic approach led by Symbios which was transparently coupled to their training and mentoring programs has led to great gains in customer satisfaction and financial benefits for many of our key business processes.”


“Symbios are Pioneers in Egypt with their Lean, Six Sigma and supply chain training & consulting services. I have worked with them on both full scale Lean factory deployment as well as Lean Six Sigma training. What sets Symbios apart from their competitors is their technical know-how, Practical experiences in implementation and most importantly, their determination and effort for always seeking and attaining the highest level of results and customer satisfaction. That is why I recommend Symbios.”


“Symbios were able to work with some of our people to develop their awareness to alternative ways of discovering, understanding and resolving hidden wastes that were having real time disturbances to our customers.”


“After searching for help among different consultant teams, we found that Symbios Consulting are the most experienced and qualified in the field of Six Sigma full deployment. Having experience around the world, we were positive that their creativity and innovative ideas would help us achieving our business plans and to achieve the development we were seeking within our company and our group.”

Mr. Mohammed Barakat Business Excellence Manager, NuqulTissue Mills-Egypt site, Nuqul Group

“We need to talk about Continuous Improvement and Development in Egypt and thus I appreciate Symbios Consulting team especially Shereen Mosallam for all the efforts they are doing to promote this culture. ”

Tark El GaabarySupply Chain Manager ,Schneider Electric

“On behalf of the Corporate Human Resources-FMCG Division, I would to express our appreciation for your efforts and Symbios team during the Lean workshop for Americana team that took place from 11-13 October. I believe that all participants have enjoy it & gained lot of knowledge. Once again, many thanks & looking forward for more cooperation and long-term relationship.”


“Our goal is to grow with no limits, as we have been working on many things such as the ISO certificate and many more to achieve growth and development, and 20 keys will get us a step closer to perfection with the hard work, help and support that has been shown by our employees and the Symbios Team”


“I would like to send you my deep thankfulness and gratitude for your support, passion and cooperation spirit with me during the course. You simply transferred the knowledge in a professional and smoothly way. Really I was honoured of being your student in both SSYB and SSGB. For Symbios -Consulting thanks you for the course; for the healthy and friendly environment.
Really appreciate that
Thanks you again so much”


“In Philips Lighting Saudi Arabia we started our lean transformation in 2013 and with the help of Symbios we are well on our way. Lean is a long term investment and to become benchmark will take time without shortcuts. Symbios is like a partner for life, constantly guiding and supporting to ensure that we stay on the path we chosen to go. The consultants of Symbios are professionals who have worked in industry themselves and therefore fully understand the organizational effort required to embed lean in the culture. Transformation always has his highs and lows and with the approach and guidance of Symbios our future is more secured and therefor I recommend Symbios as your partner to introduce and implement lean in your organization.”

Ad de BekkerManufacturing Director

“Thanks to Symbios for their effort in promoting best practices to the whole Supply Chain Community in Egypt. It’s and Elite mission that Schneider is pleased to participated in, hand in hand with Symbios.”

Nermine Abu HelwaAfrica Zone Solutions Supply Chain Senior Manager, Schneider Electric

“Our training in Lean Six Sigma, with our outstanding consultant, Ms. Shereen Mossalam, is a tremendous services offered by the Symbios Consulting Group. It is very educative and has given us more insights on what to do and improve the performance of our organization. The interactive sessions, the participatory nature of facilitation, involving the participants were remarkably dynamic.
The 15 performance improvement projects, each led by the Green Belt participants shows how relevant our training with Symbios that linked with our organizational goals, strategies and impact on the customers.
We really appreciate the help of our consultant, Ms. Shereen, for sharing us her time meeting us individually and her full support and guidance with our projects. Our relationship with her grows even better, maintained to the highest level.”


“This was one of the best management courses I’ve ever experienced.
CSSGB will impact our hospital by reducing communication costs in avoiding misuse, waiting, inspection and overproduction mistakes. Improved communication process and staff satisfaction should increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace with financial impact of this change by 36% cost reduction per annum, as well as create a more harmonious work environment."
Shared the CSSGB facilitator Symbios- Consulting firm who led this training session. I think this brought a new perspective to the way these leaders were managing, and running their divisions.
There may be no greater way to generate immediate financial returns for your firm - or your learning investment - than CSSGB training.”

Ahmed El BannaChief Information Officer

“I was a member in statistical training session held at the DSFH, Jeddah. KSA
In fact this e session were a number of combined programs where Eng. Shereen Mosallam added to my intellectual many of oratorical skills, whether regulatory or views wonderful presentations skills that she had used
The session also allowed me to identify some wonderful colleagues inside the hospital where it is not possible within the busy daily work could see the entire team. Thanks Eng. Shereen.
I wish one day to be one of your Symbios members anywhere in this world.”

Tamadur Abu Jamous

“I am proud of my people and their initiatives. I am so happy to see my and Eng. Hassan dreams coming true. I see young people who are energized and think differently. The 20 keys service offered by Symbios Consulting should be given to all the companies and Government authorities.

The Multi Level meeting showed me talents in my company. I am so happy when I walk in the factory as I see my company is being different as my people have become different. I want all other business men to learn from our experience and I am happy to invite owners, the Governor and my friends to share this success with us in upcoming events.”

Mr. Mohamed Elsayed