Lean Black Belt

Many of the Lean tools and concepts seem simple and straightforward. However, stand-alone tools are of limited value and unsustainable unless integrated into your business objective as a whole. You will learn about the tools, and more importantly, learn how to apply the lean principles to drive business processes and results.

Our Lean BB certification program is specially designed for those who finished Lean Green Belt: attend further 13 full class days; 104 training hours in 6 blocks. There will be Individual projects reviews and presentations, two visits for each participant in his/her work area to verify project progress. Our 13 days practical training program helps you to learn how to implement Lean Manufacturing at your company. Learn from world class consultants and trainers how to live Lean and how to reap real gains out of your project.

Learn how to analyze and improve business processes through reducing losses and Eliminating waste.

Qualifications for admission - Lean Black Belt

Lean Black Belt full program is a 24 training days program: 11 days for Green Belt and 13 days for Black Belt. For those who are certified Lean GB from Symbios or from any reputable organization, you can join directly our 13 days program.

Who Should Participate

  • Production Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Production supervisors
  • Successful Lean Green Belt delegates
  • Process Improvement Specialists
  • Business Transformation Specialists
  • Process Engineers

Training Content for Lean Six Black for Certified Green Belt - VVFPP Roadmap

  • Block 1: Value to the Customer
  • BB Certification
  • Project Tracking
  • Project Dashboards
  • Types of Saving
  • Role of the Lean BB
  • Lean in Product & Process Design
  • Project Management
  • Hoshin Planning
  • Team Building
  • Block 2: Value Stream Mapping
  • Value to the Customer Mini Exam
  • Value Stream Mapping Exercise
  • Deployment Flow Charts
  • Muda, Muri, Mura
  • Block 3: Flow Enabling
  • Value & Value Stream Mapping Mini Exam
  • PLM & TPM Advanced
  • Fitting the Task to the Man
  • Flow Diagnostic Tools
  • Constraint Management & TOC
  • Designing Plants Layout
  • Mixed Simulation Round 3
  • Block 4: Pull System
  • Flow Mini Exam
  • What is Pull?
  • Manufacturing Physics
  • SIOP
  • Capacity Management
  • Demand Segmentation
  • Material Management – Kanban System
  • Strategic Inventory & Family Product Turnover Rate
  • Dealing with Demand fluctuation
  • Mixed Modeling & Production Smoothing
  • Future State Mapping
  • Manufacturing Example
  • Customer Service Department (VSM-Current state -for Customer Ordering Process REFRESHER)
  • Production Distribution Simulation
  • Lean in Supply Chain
  • Introduction to Demand Forecasting Techniques
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Case Study
  • Block 5: Perfection through Six Sigma
  • Pull Mini Exam
  • Introduction to Six Sigma
  • Process Mapping
  • Data Types
  • Basic Statistics
  • Introduction to Measurement System Analysis
  • Introduction to Graphical Analysis
  • Introduction to Control Charts and Statistical Thinking
  • Introduction to Process Capability
  • Control Plans
  • Block 6: Lean Accounting
  • Perfection Mini Exam
  • Financial statements
  • COGS
  • Total Product Cost
  • Introduction to Lean Accounting
  • Lean Accounting Vs Standard Costing
  • Loss Analysis
  • Lean Accounting Maturity Path
  • Final Exam

Course Duration for “Lean Black 
 for certified Green Belt”

  • 13 full class days, 104 training hours in 6 blocks
  • Training starts 9:00 am till 5:00 pm
  • There will be Individual projects reviews and presentations at Symbios premises
  • Two visits for each participant in his/her work area to verify project progress for certification:

Certification Criteria

  • Class attendance and active participation
  • Passing the Lean Green Belt exam 60% or more.
  • Passing the 6 Mini Exams at the beginning of each Black Belt Block with an average of 70%.
  • Passing an exam at the end of the course with 70% or more.
  • Implementation of a Lean Black Belt project which is applied in participant’s business process which will be verified through Symbios Consulting representative onsite Visit.
  • Participants who attend all classes and pass the exam with more than 70% shall be granted only an Accomplishment certificate for the course.
  • Participants who attend all classes shall be granted only an Attendance certificate for the course in case of not passing the final exam.
  • Participant should finish the project within maximum One year after the training. In case he didn’t, he will be granted an accomplishment certificate.

Admission Pre-requisites

  • Each participant brings a laptop.
  • Knowledge of Ms-Excel
  • Very good command of English
  • Company approval for project implementation



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