Electrical Design Services

Symbios Solutions team has professional and qualified Controls engineers. We can assist you in various electrical design applications which range from designing PLC panels to short circuit calculations and more. Whether you are looking for designs for power systems,  instrumentation and control,  or other areas of your project Symbios team can help.

1.PLC Panel Design

Programmable Logic and Control (PLC) Panels can be used to automate and control the processes of your industry.  Processes like assembly lines and robotic device activities require high reliability and level of control. Our team can help design the PLC panels according to your requirements.

2.Short Circuit Calculations

Whether it’s a small organization or an established company, short-circuits can be hazardous if not taken seriously. With the advancement in technology, most of the devices and processes are automated and this means that electrical wiring and flow of electricity are more integrated into the systems now. This requires more attention to be paid to the designs and precautionary measures.

Our team can help analyze your systems and carry out short circuit calculations for your processes, equipment and systems. The results of these calculations would then be used to suggest and implement precautionary measures and systems to avoid such hazardous circumstances

3. Power Panel Designs

Symbios Solutions team will design safe, simple, easy to use and cost-effective power panels for you industry which will assist you in controlling and maintaining operations with ease.

4. Drive and Motion Design

Drive and Motion designs should not only be efficient in terms of operation but smart as well. Our team will work on drive and motion designs according to your requirements.

5. Schematic Drawings

Looking for schematic drawings for your equipment and systems?

Symbios Solutions team can provide schematic drawings, developed by experienced engineers on renowned software for your systems.

6.Electrical Devices Layout design

Symbios Solutions team can design the layout of your electrical devices using efficient methods and approach, which can help you in understanding the functioning of your devices properly.